What are UVCs

The method of UVC disinfection is a current process to take care and protect the health of your employees, your customers and your loved ones. PuriTechs devices fight the spread of viruses and bacteria in all work environments where hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance.

Its principle is to kill microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids, which modifies their DNA and RNA. When a microorganism is exposed to UVC, the cell nucleus is modified under the effect of the photolytic process, which will prevent cell division and therefore reproduction.

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  • 99.9% destruction of viruses, bacteria and other germs in record time
  • Disinfection in all types of environments and on all kinds of surfaces
  • No specific qualified personnel to be able to use it
  • Does not require any maintenance and the lifespan of a bulb is 9000 hours


The Box

    • Easily transportable in its shock-proof case
    • 216W UVC power
    • Use via the mobile app
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The mobile app

    • Remote control
    • Calculation of exposure times
    • Management of the different sources
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The Puritechs UVC Exposure Calculator


PuriTechs has developed a calculator adapted to disinfection devices and systems. It calculates the exposure times needed to achieve optimal results for all types of environments for which distance from the source has been specified.

    • Ease of use 
    • Compatible with PuriTechs devices
    • Built-in security coefficient

Puritechs’ added value

PuriTechs wants to do its part to help the professional world during this health crisis.

  • European manufacturing 
  • Philips technology serving health
  • Safety of use 
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