Making the world cleaner to improve people's quality of life.


PuriTechs rests on our desire to do our part in the fight against viruses and bacteria that challenge today’s economy. We are the only European professional disinfection device to offer a price affordable to all. We believe that ensuring a healthier and safer environment should not be a source of stress. That is why we support you in the daily eradication of pathogens.


We offer an ultraviolet germicidal decontamination system to help companies clean their workspaces. We are certified and are respectful of the environment by choosing not to use chemical products in the disinfection process. 


Our devices are equipped with Philips technology to ensure unprecedented quality of choice and performance. Our disinfection method is based on data from clinical research from the past 10 years conducted by leading infection prevention specialists and epidemiologists. That is why it only takes a few seconds to eradicate 99.9% of even the most powerful viruses from all surfaces and ambient air.


Because it is essential that their use be as understandable as possible, our devices are managed through a mobile application dedicated to real-time and remote operation. This will allow your staff to decontaminate the premises without requiring any specialized qualifications and without wasting any time. Indeed, Philips technology can eradicate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic germs in seconds. 

The world should not stop functioning because of an invisible enemy. PuriTechs handles its eradication whilst you continue to live safely. 

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