Care homes: How to avoid contamination?

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The financial and logistical stakes of controlling the spread of viruses are high for a majority of companies, but in particular for healthcare facilities and care homes.

What measures are being put in place to deal with the health situation? How can PuriTechs support be a major asset in the fight against contamination? Today, we focus on care homes, which are highly-frequented places and where the public is at increased risk.

Measures addressing the health situation

We know how vulnerable the elderly population can be to viruses. Because of their age, loss of autonomy and community life that increases the risk of being infected.

In response to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, several measures have been put in place to combat contamination between residents and health workers.

Measures related to life within care homes

Several measures have been put in place to ensure general health within care homes:

  • Remaining updated on medical records and resident information;
  • Daily surveillance of signs that may suggest the presence of a virus in residents;
  • If possible, keeping residents in single rooms.

Measures related to health workers

Although care home residents are high-risk individuals, monitoring health care workers is also important. Here are the measures put in place:

  • Keeping records and information on health workers up-to-date;
  • Always wearing a mask is mandatory for all care home staff;
  • Practicing physical distancing during certain activities where wearing a mask is not possible;
  • Regular staff training in barrier gestures and hygiene measures.

Measures related to the outside of care homes

In addition to putting in place a strict protocol for barrier gestures and hygiene measures within care homes,measures must be put in place for all persons external to the establishment:

  • Strict application of barrier gestures and masking;
  • Tracking of visitors and exits to facilitate contact tracing if a case appears;
  • Obtaining a negative RT-PCR test prior to entering the facility.
care home health crisis contamination

PuriTechs’ support in the care home decontamination process

In response to the surge of Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Health and Solidarity has published an online protocol regarding the strengthening of prevention and protection measures for medical-social institutions accompanying high-risk individuals, such as care homes.

The strengthening of the required hygiene protocol is an integral part of the decontamination process made available by PuriTechs devices. Thanks to their technology which uses ultraviolet germicidal rays, they can eradicate viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic germs on all potentially contaminated surfaces and spaces.

The speed and the ease of use of the devices do not lead to any changes in the organization of the care work or in the availability of health care personnel, since they can control them remotely through the mobile application which is directly integrated into the germicidal devices.

UVC decontamination has several benefits for facilities such as care homes:

  • The process can be done by all staff;
  • Devices can be controlled remotely;
  • Decontamination is capable of eradicating viruses at log 3, meaning at 99.9%;
  • UVC rays do not alter professional equipment;
  • Presence detectors guarantee total user safety.

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