Protecting your customers: how to organize during the health crisis?

customers health crisis covid-19

While the safety and health of your employees is important, it is also necessary to take into account your customers’ well-being. Disinfecting your business is a necessity and showing responsibility should be the hallmark for every employer and manager.

The health crisis is pushing towards a new way of managing establishments, regardless of the sector of activity. This is not only to reduce the absenteeism rate within the teams, but also to encourage customers coming in by minimizing the risks of transmission.

What are the risks of Covid-19 transmission for customers?

Previously, we talked about airborne transmission, which is a characteristic of Covid-19. Like influenza, these diseases are mainly transmitted through microparticles in the air. Several transmission risks are possible:

  • When a customer comes into contact with a contaminated splutter or droplet;
  • When a customer touches their face with contaminated hands or objects;
  • When you are eating, drinking, smoking, etc. The risk then becomes significant during hand to mouth contact.

Ultimately, daily gestures make the probability of contamination very high. This is why it is necessary to implement a strict hygiene procedure as well as guidelines for customers entering your establishment.

Although you are not fully responsible for the health of your customers, you remain responsible for the safety of your facility, and even more so during this health crisis.

Ensuring a safe and healthy place for your customers means ensuring the opening of your establishment.

customers health crisis covid-19

What measures should be taken regarding your customers?

The employer must review the circumstances in which clients may be exposed to the virus and implement the measures necessary to minimize the risk of contamination.

According toArticle L4121-2 of the Labour Code (1), employers must rely on the foundations of the following general principles of prevention for employees, but also for clients:

  • Avoid risks;
  • Assess risks that cannot be avoided;
  • Combating risks at source;
  • Taking into account the state of technical developments;
  • Replacing what is dangerous with what is not or is less dangerous;
  • Taking collective protection measures and prioritizing them over individual protection measures;
  • Giving employees the appropriate instructions.

Choosing UVC decontamination to protect customers

Without setting aside the importance of everyday barrier gestures that limit contacts, the use of high-performance and extremely fast technology reduces the probability of contamination to almost 0.

By supporting the cleaning rules of premises, floors and surfaces, UVC decontamination has the ability to eliminate 99.9% of all traces of viruses,bacteria and pathogenic germs within your facility. (2)

We walk you through the UVC decontamination process from A to Z and guarantee quick and user-safe results. PuriTechs devices can be used in any and all industries and environments.

  • They are 100% European-made and hold the technology of a world leader in lighting.
  • Their start-up timer and motion sensors ensure optimal safety of use.
  • The mobility of units makes them easy to use and move through spaces.

To learn more about UVC decontamination, we have an article entirely dedicated to this topic.

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