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Controls PuriTechs devices via Bluetooth

Automatic management of the decontamination process


PuriTechs devices are accompanied by a mobile application to more easily monitor the UVC decontamination process.


Homepage features


The key homepage features:

  • Language selection
  • Overview of how timers run on devices
  • Pairing of devices and adding new devices
  • Changing the name of devices
  • Configuration of notifications  : Phone ringtone or vibrations


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  • The UVC decontamination process depends on two variables in particular:

    • A given time, that depends on the intensity of the UVCs;
    • And a defined distance, depending on where the surface is to be decontaminated.
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Thanks to an integrated UVC calculator, the user can manually choose the length of time necessary to decontaminate the desired surface. Once pairing with a PuriTechs device is complete, you just have to add the target distance and the desired irradiation. The calculator will then estimate the necessary exposure time.

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To make managing PuriTechs devices easier, the user can customize and rename each device.

The name change is automatically recorded in the device and mobile app. So at the next coupling, the name of the device will always be present, even with another phone.


The UVC dose varies depending on the distance between the UVC source and the surface to be treated. In order to correctly define the exposure time, the UVC calculator integrated into the mobile application allows you to define the recommended decontamination time.

The intensity of UVC is expressed in Joules per square meter, varies according to the microorganism to be neutralized and the desired eradication rate. The UVC calculator provides an exposure time corresponding to 99.9% decontamination.

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The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices.