How to check the efficiency?

You probably think you have understood UVC and its ability to neutralize different microorganisms. You have understood the sensitivity of each of these pathogens to UVC and that the calculator app helps you to define the exposure time. perfect! Despite this you still doubt about the efficiency…

Here’s the answer, see below

On one side The Box

Your decontamination unit is ready

The microorganism to be neutralized is defined

Distance to target is determined

The application gave you a duration, as well as the required dose in mJ / cm2

You are ready to go!

On the other the Dosimeter

The value to be achieved given by the calculator.

The calculator offers you 1minute 46 seconds to get 15 mJ/cm2

are you more of the cautious type?

You start a 2-minute sequence

Your dosimeter will tell you the exact dose received at the end of the sequence

in short

The combination of the Box and the dosimeter is ideal to obtain real visibility on the decontamination process.

UVC decontamination is very effective, but depends on several factors such as the power of the unit, the distance between the target and the source, the type of microorganism you want to neutralize.

With the Puritechs dosimeter and app, you can easily check that the right dose has been applied.

Specificities of the dosimeter

The Puritechs dosimeter is a portable and complete instrument indicating high-precision UVC measurements.

For complete technical information, please refer to our product specifications.