PuriTechs' added value

We are committed to doing our part to help the professional world during this health crisis. We believe that ensuring a healthier and safer environment should not be a source of stress. That is why we have developed high-performance devices that are accessible to all to overcome viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic germs.

High technology

PuriTechs devices use Philips technology and are 100% European-made to ensure unprecedented performance and quality. The Signify group, of which Philips is a member, collaborated with Boston University on a study on the effectiveness of UVC germicidal lamps against the SARS-CoV-19 virus which causes Covid-19. (1)

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Safe use

UVC germicidal lamps have been developed to be accessible by all staff. Thus, no specific qualifications are required to be able to use PuriTechs devices.

Thanks to the start-up timer and motion sensors that are directly integrated into the germicidal lamps, the user can handle the devices easily and safely. Indeed, when the sensor detects a presence, it interrupts both the decontamination process and the system to stop all UVC radiation in the room and protect the user from any danger.

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Unit mobility

Because we are mindful of lost time during this health crisis, PuriTechs devices are mounted on wheels in order to facilitate their mobility within spaces and save time whilst setting them up. The Box is equipped with an ultra-robust box so that it can be transported anywhere safely. The Tube is so light that moving the device through buildings makes it easy to adapt and organize the decontamination process.