The benefits of UVC rays

UVC rays, the ultimate weapon   against viruses. Did you know that Covid-19 remains active on surfaces for more than 20 days?

The PuriTechs decontamination method uses UVC rays to eradicate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other germs on surfaces. In this way, in record time, we guarantee a healthier space that is decontaminated from all health threats.


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What are UVC rays?

Simply put, there are 3 types of UV rays. UVAs, UVBs and UVCs, all of which are characterized by different wavelengths. The energy of each radiation depends on its light source and on the environment in which it propagates. In general, the smaller the wavelength of radiation, the more energy it holds and therefore, the less it propagates throughout the atmosphere.

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The effects of UVC rays on viruses and bacteria

UVC rays are germicidal, meaning that they are capable of destroying germs and microorganisms when their energy is at 253.7nm.

UVC ultraviolet radiation produces molecular photochemical reactions. By absorbing UVC wavelengths, DNA and/or RNA molecular dissociation damages the membrane of cells and of the nucleus. As a result, they are unable to reproduce and enter the phase of cellular mutation, so they are inactivated or completely eradicated.

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Avantages décontamination UVC

The benefits of UVC decontamination

The benefits of UVC ultraviolet radiation decontamination are numerous, and their use is still the subject of numerous studies aimed at making the most of their benefits. Nevertheless, here are the main benefits:

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