Restaurants: how to guarantee the opening of your establishment?

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For restaurants, the Covid-19 epidemic raises many questions regarding the implementation of regulations on the protection of workers’ health and safety. To guarantee the opening of your establishment many measures must be applied.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is already well-integrated into the hygiene routine of restaurants. Nevertheless, we see today why the use of UVC rays could enable restaurants to remain open in the long-term.

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Cleaning in the restaurant industry

In the restaurant industry, hygiene may well be the watchword over all other principles. A restaurant owner has the obligation to have a clean and spotless kitchen at all hours of the day. Not only to have a healthy work environment for its teams, but also to ensure the health safety of its customers.

However, it is not only those who have evolved in the restaurant industry who are sensitive to the hygiene of the premises. According to a survey conducted by IPSOS, 93% of French employees consider that hygiene and cleanliness increase motivation. In addition, 85% of them even report that cleanliness has an impact on their work performance.

Deep daily cleaning of surfaces is a good way to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Nevertheless, this disinfection method has momentary results and could even put users at risk.

The risks associated with cleaning products in the restaurant industry

To do this, establishments use cleaning products recommended for surface maintenance. (1) These are mainly watery detergents whose main ingredients are tensioactive agents that enable the dispersion of fats in water.

These detergents are usually irritating products due to their composition containing:

  • Chelating agents (citric acid, etc.);
  • Solubilization agents (alcohol, etc.);
  • Preservative agents;
  • Perfumes;
  • Dyes.

Although they are effective in cleaning surfaces,in case of accidental contact with the skin or eyes the symptoms can be particularly severe. Indeed, repeated contact with a detergent can cause the skin’s lipid barrier to dissolve. As a result, this can cause dryness, redness and even irritation. In the most extreme cases, there can even be lesions such as crevices.

Finally, the preservative agents present in these detergents can cause allergic skin or respiratory reactions.

Ultraviolets in action uv uvc

UVC ray disinfection

In a previous article, we saw the different disinfection methods, which include alcohol, but also ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

The benefits of UVC rays in the restaurant industry

UVC-ray devices are capable of making surfaces and ambient air completely free of germs that are pathogenic and potentially dangerous to employees and customers alike.

In particular, PuriTechs products have several advantages that are perfectly compatible with the fast pace of the restaurant industry:

  • An extremely rapid disinfection process;
  • No maintenance or specific training requirements to use these devices;
  • Non-toxic use since no chemicals are used;
  • Total safety of users because they are not in direct contact with UVC rays;
  • No changes in taste,smell or pH after using UVC rays.

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