3 reasons to use UVC rays to disinfect schools

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In the face of this pandemic, we must respond with what we master best: light. We know that today, the comfort and safety of new generations is more than necessary.

This is why UVC ray devices are made available to disinfect and decontaminate schools and nurseries. In this article, we will see why their use is more than necessary in schools and how to deal with the spread of viruses.

What is airborne transmission?

The challenge with Covid-19 is its airborne transmission, which tends to make the probability of contamination very high. Indeed, Covid-19 is a disease that is transmitted in particular through microparticles, called aerosols. They are found in the air and we produce them mainly by talking, coughing, sneezing, etc. That is, during our daily movements and reactions.

Although the risk of contracting the disease is reduced in children, they can still cary the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes Covid-19. And can thus pass it on to those around them who may be more at risk.

Why choose UVC decontamination in schools?

Schools, places of high contamination

It is important to mention that hygiene in schools is essential to ensure that premises are well-kept and that students and teachers are healthy. Because they are high-traffic spaces, the risk of contamination is very high:

  • Surfaces, doors, chairs, etc. are regularly touched with hands;
  • Classrooms and auditoriums hold few possibilities to space out student desks;
  • High traffic means that high numbers of airborne microparticles circulate in the air, and it becomes difficult to avoid them.
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The performance of UVC ray devices

Although the decontamination process is particularly technical, its use remains very simple and understandable by all. In fact, PuriTechs devices have several advantages:

  • Decontamination takes place in record time and without the intervention of qualified personnel.
  • They are compatible with a mobile application that tracks the process remotely and safely.
  • They have a UVC dose calculator in order to fully understand the exposure time needed to eradicate viruses in the area to be treated.
  • They are each equipped with a countdown on startup, as well as a presence detector to ensure the safety of users.

The use of UVC rays in schools

Although the barrier gestures recommended by the WHO are important, UVC decontamination of schools remains a conceivable and highly effective method of combating the spread of viruses.

Indeed, this is not new and scientists took an interest in it long before the start of Covid-19.

As early as the last century, several comparative studies were conducted in schools where classes were equipped with UVC germicidal lights. They were able to show their effectiveness against the spread of diseases with high-risk of contagion. (1)

Because of their versatility of action, UVC rays are able to disinfect different environments depending on exposure-time and the intensity of their rays. However, their performance does not allow them to be used in the presence of anyone in the room. UVC decontamination must thus be done in spaces where no one is present so that the process can be done safely.

To find out where to use UVC germicidal lamps, we have listed all eligible areas.

For more information about UVC rays in the fight against Covid-19.