Why and how to disinfect my company’s premises?

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Currently, we are facing an unprecedented health crisis. That is why today, it is important to be responsible regarding the safety of everyone and, above all, of your employees. Why disinfect my business? How do you properly decontaminate a room? We walk you through each step of the decontamination process.

Why disinfect and decontaminate my company’s premises?

Regardless of the size of your premises, it is important to regularly disinfect workspaces for hygienic reasons. Although everyone must use common sense and practice cleanliness, we all carry various more-or-less dangerous microbes and germs.

In general, daily hygiene of the premises must be carried out. It is ever-important with the health crisis we are facing today. If your premises are open to the public, there is even greater risk of the virus spreading. Therefore, you should not wait for a first contamination to disinfect and ensure the safety of your premises.

It has in fact becomeeveryone’s responsibility to ensure that the spread of viruses is minimized to protect your colleagues and ensure the opening of your establishment. (1)

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When is the best time to disinfect and decontaminate?

To prevent the spread of the virus, it is important to consider disinfecting and decontaminating your premises regularly.

  • During an epidemic: during seasons favorable to influenza, gastroenteritis, or coronavirus;
  • During a pandemic : when your employees are at risk of contracting an overly large virus such as the SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19;
  • After a confinement period: before your employees return to the premises to work;
  • When you become the owner of new premises: clean all the rooms before you move in.

How do I disinfect and decontaminate my company’s premises?

To guarantee the best results, we offer fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal devices that use UVC rays. The UVC decontamination process eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic germs in seconds.

PuriTechs UVC germicidal lamps to disinfect

Using UVC germicidal lamps has several advantages:

  • Mobility and ease of use allow you to use them safely;
  • No need for the intervention of a specialized company;
  • Considerable time saving in the cleaning process;
  • A guarantee that your business will remain open despite the current situation;
  • Adaptable to all sectors of activity and can thus intervene in schools, waiting rooms, restaurants, hospitals, or even in transport.

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